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Exquisite local sweets!Freshly squeezed “Imo Nburan” has many repeat customers! ?Introducing "Asoful Kitchen", a cafe in Aso and Oguni Town

●2. Cafe menu using ingredients from Aso and Oguni Town

Check out our extensive menu here.You can choose according to your preference, such as adding ice cream or with or without whipped cream.
We accept both cash and cashless payments!

🍠 Potato blanc full size 1100 yen

The flagship product imo blanc is an original product that combines sweet potato and mont blanc.
We use 100% "Silk Sweet" from Shimosuhata Agricultural Products for our sweet potato!

No sponge is used for imo blanc!
Instead, they use handmade meringue cookies from Kul, a confectionery studio in Oguni Town, and they are lightly melted in the mouth.

The expiration date is 30 minutes so that you can eat the cookies in a crispy state! ?The smooth cream and crispy cookies are a perfect match.

🍓 Oguni raspberry rare cheese 650 yen

Montblanc using "raspberries" cultivated at Higo Construction's farm in Oguni Town!
It is a refreshing sweet that matches rare cheese-flavored cream and sour raspberry sauce.

Next is the drink menu!
☕Cafe latte/royal milk tea 500 yen

Both are not very sweet, so if you have a sweet tooth, we recommend adding whipped cream!
Please enjoy fluffy foam milk that melts in your mouth.

🍛Red cow jersey milk curry 1800 yen

Asoful kitchen's original exquisite curry.A sweet milk curry made by simmering local red beef and finishing with jersey milk, very popular with children!

🍛Aka beef jersey milk curry and Shuka curry 1000 yen

The sister store "Shukuya" is a famous curry store.Among them, it is a match with the popular "Shukuya curry (chicken base)".

Both are original menus that can only be eaten at Asoful Kitchen!
It is served from 11:XNUMX a.m. until closing, so it is recommended not only for lunch, but also for takeout for dinner.

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