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Exquisite local sweets!Freshly squeezed “Imo Nburan” has many repeat customers! ?Introducing "Asoful Kitchen", a cafe in Aso and Oguni Town

Hello! This is the SMOMO editorial department!
This time, a cafe opened next to "Michi no Eki Oguni Yuu Station""Asoful kitchen"I will introduce you.

●1. What kind of cafe is Asoful Kitchen?
●2. Cafe menu using ingredients from Aso and Oguni Town
●3.Asoful kitchen commitment

●1.What kind of cafe is Asoful kitchen?

Asoful kitchen is a cafe that offers products using local ingredients and opened in December 2022.

The shop is run by the Taniguchi family, who also own the set meal restaurant “Iwaiya” in Oguni Town.
The store name "Asoful"Enjoy a meal full of Aso, hometown of Oguniwas named a keyword.

The store logo was designed with the image of Mt. Aso, the symbol of Aso.The interior of the shop is a stylish space based on wood, and there are 4 eat-in spaces.

The entire wall is decorated with the image color of the shop, and it seems that the owner and his wife created this interior with their own hands.
You can relax in a stylish and warm space.

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