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[2023 latest version] Autumn leaves season is here!Introducing autumn foliage spots in Aso Ogunigo, such as "Mazeno Valley" which is open for a limited time and "Great Ginkgo of Shimojo" where you can enjoy illumination!

The season is completely autumn.It's a little chilly in the morning and evening, but it's warm during the day and it's cheerful that you just want to go out.
By the way, in Aso Oguni Township, the autumn leaves are in full bloom from late October to mid-November every year 🍁

There is no doubt that you will be able to see beautiful autumn leaves this year as well! So, I will introduce all the autumn leaves spots in Oguni-go!
From spots that are open for a limited time to spots that you can easily see while driving!Please read it.

■ Unexplored region of Minamioguni Town "Mazeno Valley"

Twice a year, it is open for a limited time during the season of fresh green and autumn leaves, and more than 2 people visit during the autumn leaves opening period (about one month), which is a typical autumn leaves spot in the Aso region!

This year10/21 (Sat)It will be open to the public and will end as soon as the best time to see the autumn leaves is over. (Scheduled to end around November 11)

Depending on the location, you will never get tired of the colorful colors such as red, green, and yellow.

The area around "Mazeno Waterfall" at the back is surrounded by autumn leaves, and the fallen leaves are beautiful, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

The Mazeno Valley, which was originally a pasture, has a promenade, but there are some places where the nature is left as it is.Please be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

●Opening period: October 10st (Saturday) to November 21rd (Thursday) *Ending date is subject to change.
● Opening hours: 8:3 am to 45:XNUMX pm

【Basic information】
Address: Nakabaru, Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun (along Mazeno Mystery Road)
Contact: Minamioguni Tourism Association (0967-42-1444)
Price: 200 yen for adults (free for junior high school students and under)
Parking lot: Yes
Luxurious private rental plans are also available.
Click here for detailshttps://minamioguni.jp/archives/activity/248831

■ Power spot "Oshitoishi no Oka" in Minamioguni Town

If you want to enjoy the autumn leaves with a 360-degree panoramic view, definitely here!It's about 10 minutes by car from the Mazeno Valley I introduced earlier 🍁

It's hard to say "looking at the autumn leaves from above".It shows a spectacular view no matter what season you come to, but it feels good in autumn as well.

If the timing is right, you may see both the sea of ​​clouds and the autumn leaves ...!

Oshitoishi Hill, which is also famous as a power spot.Please recharge your power while enjoying the autumn leaves ✊

【Basic information】
Address: Nakahara Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun
Contact: Minamioguni Tourism Association (0967-42-1444)
Price: 200 yen
Parking lot: Yes

■ "Kohagiyama Inari Shrine", a profitable spot in Minamioguni Town

Does Kohagiyama Inari Shrine have autumn leaves + Aso Godake + benefits? !!The strongest spot.

Even if you look at the torii from behind, it will be a picture again!

Aso Godake seen from Kohagiyama Inari Shrine at dusk ... Beautiful ...!

By the way, among the many Inari shrines nationwide, this is the only place where you can benefit from finding a lover and fulfilling your love affairs!If you enjoy the scenery, you may want to visit us for a while ...!

【Basic information】
Address: Misanji Temple in Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun
Contact: Minamioguni Tourism Association (0967-42-1444)
Price: None
Parking: Yes

■ Healing Forest in Minamioguni Town "Clear Stream Forest"

Surrounded by trees as far as the eye can see, it feels as if you've lost yourself in the world of Princess Noke.

The "strange rocks" here is a truly mysterious space.As the leaves fall, I think I've never been to Mars, saying, "That? Here on Mars ?!"

Also, the sidewalk from the parking lot to the forest has a very nice atmosphere, and it's a snap.

There are many rocks and soil that are slippery, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

【Basic information】
Address: Misanji Temple in Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun
Inquiries: Minamioguni Town Hall Town Development Division (0967-42-1171)
Price: None
Parking: Yes

■Minamioguni Town: Kurokawa Onsen Town

Kurokawa Onsen in Minamioguni Town is one of the best spots for autumn leaves in the town!The best time to see them is usually from mid-October to late November.

The atmospheric scenery of the hot spring town and the beautiful autumn leaves!It shows an expression unique to this time of year.

Some ryokans in Kurokawa Onsen have baths where you can take a bath while viewing the autumn leaves.Please enjoy this opportunity to visit the hot springs and walk around town!

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