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【Feel free to have a great view! 】 Within the inn from door to door within 30 minutes. Sea of ​​cloud sea spot 5 casually seen in Aso / Minami-Ogikuni-machi

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori.

Have you ever seen the sea of ​​clouds in Aso? As clouds come down due to the overlapping of various weather conditions, looking from a high place it looks like a sea.
There is a high probability of occurrence between the rainy season and the fall until around autumn, so if you are traveling Aso just in the coming season, I would like to see it.

And, the Minamioguni-cho town with Kurokawa Onsen is quietly famous for being near the sea of ​​clouds so that you can enjoy the scenery casually. So this time, I will introduce it as a cloud sea where you can see easily.

First of all, prepare in advance. To see the sea of ​​clouds ...

There are three basic conditions when a sea of ​​cloud occurs, it is necessary to have everything.

1. Sharp temperature change in the morning and evening and during the day
2. There is moderate moisture
3. A mild climate without wind

It is a chance a little cold, after a rain on the previous day, it gets warmer from the morning of the next day, the wind does not blow. However, I think that I do not quite know so much, I am indebted to Mr. @unkaitter who tried every time and I try to challenge when it exceeds 50%.

The time of day when the sea of ​​clouds is seen is roughly from sunrise to around 9 o'clock in the morning. Personally I love it being divine ~ for the delivery of the day around 6 o'clock in the morning.
And Aso in the morning is pretty cold. Let's wear clothes for + 1 clothes you think! !

<Belongings etc.>
✓ The clothes are 1 more (I'm colder than I expected, because I get wet with dew, it is recommended to shakashaka)
✓ Hat (In the morning, as you go up soon, it's troublesome to fix your sleeping habit)
✓ Towel (it is convenient if you have it)
✓ Smajo or camera (if you want a photo)
✓ Warm drink (I put tea in a water bottle)
✓ Moveable shoes (It slides pretty well in morning dew)

Feel free to go! Unkai Spot is here

1. Temple Mountain Observatory
Although it is a place not to be mentioned, there is a parking lot, the place is easy to understand, more than anything Aso Gomi dake! It is a place of pushing for beginners from enjoying landscape. More than anything, as soon as you stop the car this scenery! I am happy!

If I could not see the sea of ​​clouds (I did not show up), I can have a morning that is too refreshing, I do not feel any loss.

By the way, although it is a little away from Taikan Feng, you can see the wonderful sea of ​​clouds around Taikanma bus stop.

Taikien Fudo Observatory

2. Okito stone hill
Power spot Okudo stone hill in Minamioguni-machi. There are 300 large and small stones on the top of a small hill, among them the megalith called the largest "Okudo stone" is said to have a strange power as the kurukuri needle turns as the magnet approaches. * Climb the parking lot for about 15 minutes.

From the summit you can see the scenery of 360 degree panoramic view, you can see the sea of ​​clouds in the direction of Aso and small country at the same time. In the small country direction you can see the sea of ​​clouds spreading far away like this.

It is a picture of the day when the sea of ​​clouds has not appeared, but the direction of Aso is like this. You can look at the outstanding grassland landscape and even if you can not see the sea of ​​clouds, you can see the superb view.

Okito stone hill
Address: Nakahara Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone: 0967-42-1444
home page:

3. Ogakiyama Inari shrine
It is a shrine located on a small hill located about 10 minutes (15 minutes from Kurokawa Onsen) by car from Onsen Hot Spring next to Kurokawa Onsen.

In a long time ago, with a bit of brute force logic that lovers can be found quickly by saying that the cattle in livestock will cease to exist as soon as they pray here, they will find what they are looking for, "Only in love in Japan I hear Inari shrine "is said.

I can see my son's elementary school? I am a peaceful elementary school and nursery school, are not you? 40 minutes on foot every day. Even if it rains or snow, I will try hard every day and I am going to school every day ☺? Finally my daughter's nursery school started construction, it was a nursery school where I rented a classroom in elementary school after the earthquake. It will be built on the same premises, scheduled to be completed in 1 month ✨ It is one year but I am looking forward to going to a new nursery school so I'm looking forward to it __ # Ogi Mt. Inari Shrine, seen from # Aso Gotake can not see the clouds It's a secret scenic spot ☺ It's not secret at all, but I look up at this mountain everyday from a nursery school in the elementary school, but green is very beautiful. Today the clouds are very low, and this atmosphere may be somehow looking at unusual scenery! As I thought, I tried going up ???? Fantastic mountains and low clouds were seen, and more famous natural saferly park? ! Enormous mecha encounters encounter with a wonderful horn deer! Ahh! ! While screaming, I ran away lightly in the forest with Pyongyeonpyong ??? And at last a firefly appeared also in my house ✨ # tokyocameraclub # japan_daytime_view # phos_japan # bestjapanpics # japan_of_insta # wp_japan # photo_en # japan_photo_now # loves_nippon # gf_nature # loves_nippon # team_jp_ west # ig_jp # pics_jp # ig_gallery # loves_united_japan # igersjp # match_colour # ray_moment # superb view spot # Okagiyama Inari shrine # my_aso_ # special_spots # ray_moment # whim_life # world_bestnature # ip_connect

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It's hard to go here on the day of cloud sea, but I can see the cloud rising from the forest early in the morning, there is no doubt that it is a superb view!

Ogakiyama Inari shrine

4. Seto no Kogen

A book of a Sanage in the San-ai rest house. You can have a wonderful view of the spreading grasslands and the sea of ​​clouds far away, and Aso Goryakadake ahead. It is enough for 10 minutes by car from Kurokawa Onsen.

From the cave place Gondor Chairey in Otani, where I climbed a little from the highland plateau, this scene when I wake up in the morning! It is a place recommended for people who like camping.

Seto no Kogen

5. Hirano-dog Observatory
Hirano street observatory which is about 10 minutes by car from Kurokawa Onsen. It is said to be a lover's hill, and you can enjoy a magnificent view over Aso Gorya. Unfortunately it is not a picture of the sea of ​​clouds, but from here it is also possible to see the sea of ​​clouds.

It seems that the weather will be worse for a while, so in the practice of taking a starry sky, # Hirano-baki # I took it on the hill of lovers? It is 5 minutes by car from the center of Kurokawa Onsen. It is possible to go if you think to go even if you walk, but it is really dark and dark at night, (((; ゚ Д ゚))) deer, wild boar, monkey etc may come out? ! ... The exposure was too long and the stars also flowed, but the plane came! Hoshizora is difficult, the dream last night. . . Dream of earthquake with seismic intensity 8 ??? I woke up with a lot of fright Alright, I woke up with fear ??? I wish you a nice dream today ✨✨✨ Everyone has a wonderful dream! ? __ # japan_night_view # phos_japan # whim_life # bestjapanpics # japan_of_insta # wp_japan # photo_jpn # japan_photo_now # loves_ nippon # ig_japan # loves_ nippon # team_jp_ west # ig_en # pics_jp # ig_gallery # loves_united_japan # igersjp # match_colour # ray_moment # kf_gallery # fantotrip # jal Tokyo camera Department 2017 Journey # jalan_asobi # my_aso # Kurokawa Onsen # Hirano-kai Observatory # Small Country Village

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It is popular as a place where the starry sky is beautiful, because there are no street lamps at all and the night is pitch black.

Hirano-oda Observatory

in conclusion

What did you think? This time, I introduced mainly the place called "easy going", but there are plenty of Unkai spots in the Aso area besides! There are places where you can see Aso Goryaka, grasslands, sea of ​​clouds and calves like this picture at once, so I will introduce it at a later date.

see you!