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A fine satoyama experience. I cook rice cooker in lunch box village

Hello! It is SMO Okonomi. Everyone, do you like rice? I like to eat delicious rice everyday, so I like rice to cook rice in a pot.

In "Gonbee village" you can experience rice cooking in oven.

If you make a reservation, you can prepare rice. It seems to be tasty already in the atmosphere of kiln or wings.

First of all, the fire raised. Dad will tell you how to cook such as arranging firewood. It's been a long time since I used matches.

Let's call bamboo "Fu!" This! I wanted to do it! The momentum of the fire increased if it blew gently rather than powerfully.
I will wait for it to be shocked.
"Well, you start chorochoro, medium pappa, do not take a baby cry," you are following the word.

Close here as you get lost. As the fire is gone, I will steam for a while.

While I was waiting I visited the rice paddies.

The duck was cute, but as I approached it was able to escape. It is said that it is releasing chicks to the rice field after the rice plants, called duck duck farming. Because ducks eat insects and weeds in the rice fields, they move about and stir, so they do not use pesticides or herbicides, it is a very easy farming method. It seems that rice and duck grow as big as about 2 month.

I was able to cook rice for which I could not wait! Glossy! It looks really tasty!

My mother taught me to make rice balls. The trick seems to be fluffy.

The size falls apart. But it is a solid triangle.

Mom You can eat handmade side dishes, miso soup and pickles. Everything tastes good! ! I am going to have rice. Is it because my mother is a good cooker because I do not like meat this much? I ate 3 pieces in no time. I want to eat this rice everyday. . . I bought rice balls that I could not finish eating with lap. Since summer food is easy to be damaged, it may be better to judge the neighborhood by yourself. I took it home and everyone ate.

You can also stay at Konbee Village. Dad's interesting story, mother's delicious cooking, and a wonderful satoyama experience can be done!

It is difficult to cook rice in the oven! Even if you do not stay, you can just experience, so please try eating delicious rice balls once by all of you!

Yoshiwara Gonbe village
Address: Kanamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Manshinji Yoshihara 5113
Telephone number: 0967-44-0275
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