Delicious summer of Aso / Minamikos. You will definitely want to eat! Five cool shops choosing cool shops!

The soft cream is Kaji-chan who thinks it is a drink.

It's finally summer in July! I am suffering every day as summer comes when I get hot all year long. .

In such a case, being saved "Cool sweets ♡"
The sweetness that stains into the body that was exhausted by the heat is the highest! ! ! !

This time we will introduce the shops where you can eat delicious sweet delicious summer in Minamioguni-machi (^ ^) /

■ Tang

When coming from Aso direction to Minamioguni-machi town, the shop at the beginning is a flower Tang.
Hand made tofu of domestic soybean 100% making with traditional kettle cooking recipe Tofu dish restaurant with plenty of seasonal vegetables!

The atmosphere in the store was very calm. There are two patterns of table seat and sky seat, you can choose your favorite seat.

We have many tofu processed foods, as well as regular tofu and fried tofu, but among them is the recommended one here!

Sashimi Tofu! It is very healthy so I will eat it, but as the calorie is low, the feeling of guilt is also diluted even during a diet ♡

And here is a menu recommended for summer!

★ Seasonal Tofu Ice Cream 450 Yen
Ice cream made without using dairy products and eggs is moderately sweet and has a smooth mouthfeel, but the aftertaste becomes a habit which makes it refreshing.
Because we are offering the season at that time according to the season, I am looking forward to see what comes out ♪

■ Tang
Address: Minamioguni-machi Nakahara 846-3
Contact address: 0967-42-0186
Opening Hours: Midnight 10 Hours ~ X PM XUMX Hours
Closed: Wednesday

■ Tree of the apple

Located in the center of Minami-Ogoguni-machi, a popular cafe in Minamioguni-machi, which will open and become 27 year!

The interior is also spacious and there are 1st and 2nd floor seats!

In the tree of the apple you absolutely want to buy it!

The ultimate meal! ! ! !
As its name suggests, it is ultimately delicious. Tin at the range and eat it even more delicious ♡

And here is the recommended menu in summer!

★ Apple Pie's Ara Mode 700 Yen
A handmade apple pie that has been loved since a long time is a dish with a small country jersey milk ice cream.
The apple pie contains apple and it is satisfying with eating and satisfying ◎!

■ Tree of the apple
Address: Minami Oguni-machi Red Baba 137
Contact address: 0967-42-0785
Business hours: 10 hours in the morning ~ 18 hour in the afternoon (until Saturday and Sunday at 19 time)
Closed: Tuesday

■ Natural food restaurant Restaurant

Organic café realizing complete pesticide and local production of local consumption!

The view from the terrace seating is also good, and on sunny days, we recommend eating while watching the scenery ♪

Herb tea of ​​self-cultivation is also popular! ! !

And here is the recommended menu in summer!

★ Rose Color Parfait 620 Yen
A parfait with plenty of rose hip jelly and homemade seasonal fruit!
Sherbet in flower shape is cute and it is a waste to eat! It is also a nice piece of eyes.

■ Natural food restaurant Restaurant
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun Minosaiji 312
Contact address: 0967-42-1553
Opening Hours: Midnight 10 Hours ~ X PM XUMX Hours
Closed: Tuesday

■ Foot of patisserie

Kurokawa Onsen Located in the center of the city, the Western-style confectionery shop is always crowded on the right hand side as soon as you get off the chin slope.

There are plenty of baked goods in the store, and cakes and puddings are on hand in the showcase ♡

In addition, I see a person who often eats at a spa town, but I can buy it in the example at the foot!

Salt Koji's pure cream 250 yen!
It places plenty of custard cream with small country jersey milk on the spot you ordered ♪

And here is the recommended menu in summer!

★ Coffee Jelly 950 Yen
An authentic coffee jelly with moderate sweetness that you carefully extracted with the water of Shirakawa water source.
You can eat cold jelly on the spot or you can take it home at room temperature so we recommend it for souvenirs as well!

■ Foot of patisserie
Address: Minamioguni-machi Minomitsuji 6610
Contact address: 0967-48-8101
Opening Hours: Midnight 9 Hours until 17 Hours (Saturdays and Sundays afternoon 18 till)
Closed: Tuesday

■ Youth (Yonen)

Located along Kurokawa Street in the Kurokawa Onsen area, an open cafe that anyone can drop in easily.

In the store, packages delicious for souvenirs are pretty, there are various kinds of Karigoya, goods such as tea, coffee etc. that keeps goods, the product lineup is very substantial ♪

"24 happy tea" has tasting inside the store, so please drink by all means ♪

And here is the recommended menu in summer!

★ Kurokawa soft cream 380 yen
Small country Jersey soft cream containing milk is rich and responds ◎!
The original little bitter coffee sauce exceptional compatibility! A dish good at a yu-rise.

■ Yugaru
Address: Minamioguni-machi Minomitsuji 6602
Contact address: 0967-44-0777
Opening Hours: Midnight 9 Hours ~ X PM XUMX Hours
No regular holiday

■ Summary

How about a recommended sweets (* ^^ *)?
Please be sure to heal your mind and body with a cool sweet sweet summer that you can eat in Minamikumago ~ ♪

↓ ↓ Map here which summarizes each store introduced this time ↓ ↓

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