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【2nd bullet】 Recommended realistic girls' trip. From Kumamoto to Oita · Beppu! Do not enter the hot springs? Cafe, superb view, experience! Introducing a recommended course of girls who are enjoying thoroughly.

Hello! When I'm silent, I'm Kajio who has basic food in my mouth!

I am not good at keeping still, so I have been off to various basic places on holidays!

When I came to Tokyo friends the other day, I enjoyed Aso in Minamikumi from half a day ...

This time Friends came to visit us from Fukuoka, so we went to Petit girls' trip \ (^ o ^) /!
Changing a little bit from the last time, I will extend a little and extend my legs and go to Bungo Ohno City in Oita and Beppu City ♡

"Oita and Minami-sikoku Town are famous only about hot springs ..." I would like to read such even by all means, introduce access to Oita from delicious gourmet spots that go round in a day!

Be sure to refer for girls' trips and drive dating!

■ AM 8: 00 Before departure to Sanrio Rest House of Drive Inn!

When you go out somewhere, first " Preparation for going out It is important to do "!

Fully wash your hands, petrol is also full! There are many cases where there are no convenience stores and vending machines when running on the mountain road, so it is perfect to buy sweets to eat when drinks and small hungries are eaten ~ (* ^^ *)!

Well, are not you left behind? ! If you forgot something, buy here OK!

The book area of ​​Sansei Rest House is located at the prefecture border of Minami Oguni Town and Oita Prefecture. Please drop in before going out or going out!

Alright! Ready for everything! I'm leaving ~ (^^) /! !

■ AM 9: 15 Arrive in Inland water underwater cave!

Arrived safely after about a hour drive from Minami Ooguni Town! Japan's largest underwater cave "Inazumi underwater cave"!

Route like this!

As I ran along a little narrow road where greener grew and grew, I was driving a little while worried that "I made a mistake in the way ..." but I was a little relieved when I saw this signboard. Lol

Here it is easy to explain the Inazumi underwater cave!

Inazumi underwater cave (Inazumi cucumber)
Inazumi underwater cave formed in the Paleozoic era 300 million years ago. It was submerged by the Aso volcano eruption 300 thousand years ago and forms the present shape. There are numerous underwater stalactites, coral rocks, bell halls, and helicites in the cave, all of which are unusual worldwide.

Numerous stalactites, deep breath over water depth 40m, clear stream springing from the unknown soil, its pure water. The contrast of the underwater cave that touches the beauty of the variations leads visitors to the world of fantasy. The temperature inside the cave is 16 degrees all year round. It is cool in summer, warm in winter, comfortable space.

In addition, the research is still continuing now, the survey conducted in February 2014, the survey of the whole underwater cave and the findings of the innermost part of Honshu were reported, a new 800 m caital cave was found and the total length was It is about 1 km. At present it is the longest underwater cave in Japan. (Quotation: Inazumi underwater cave cave homepage)

Three hundred million years ago ... ... There is something long ago that I can not even imagine.
Since I was deciding in the mind "I will absolutely go!" From the time I saw the picture of Inazumi underwater cave for the first time, I enjoyed it well (^ ^) /!

The parking lot is very spacious! It seems that you can stop 300 units! There is a guide signboard right beside the parking lot, and the inside of the premises is so wide and there are various ... to the entrance with surprise!

There is a large reception for buildings that accept paying entrance fees etc.Welcome to the entrance"! As it is written, there is no hesitation.

Pay the entrance fee with the ticket vending machine, pass the ticket to the receptionist and depart ~!

This entrance is a little bit lower than the entrance just before.

What is a limestone cave? How is it done? There are panels that explain simple questions in an easy-to-understand manner, such as. Because I have wrapped reading, ♪ I can read children properly ♪

Well, passing through here is the entrance of the limestone cave! A shame ! ! Into the limestone cave! ! ! !

Ku ~ ~ ~, from the beginning! · · Wow ... · different world · ·!

Friends who went with me were also interested!

This is a rumorous bell hall. I take photos from the bottom. The bell hole where a fishing-bell-shaped indent extends to the ceiling seems to prove that the water current swirled violently in the limestone sink that had once sunk in the water, melting the limestone.

Just walking in a limestone cave does not stop exciting! ! It looks like a film shooting set! !

This small change sticks to the wall! But I will not stick it even if I push the change I own. . A mystery. .

Do not you see the rocks in this middle part, the monkey who is jiggling, surprised? ! Lol

Something is already excitement or excitement, anyway the tension goes up and I took too much pictures and SD became a bad bread. Please also take a look at the site by all means! ! !

After enjoying the limestone cave, it is a dinosaur that will meet you at the exit? !

Showa time trip It passes through Roman Theater and feels the nostalgic atmosphere of Showa ...

I liked this sign the most. "Heart into the capsule". Something good! !

Finally, I felt like getting into a limestone cave and got some power, so when I tried drawing a love takiji with a momentum it was "Nakayoshi." I wonder if it was due to mind (. _.)

It is the right answer to go to Inazumi underwater cave this time and express such things as "mysterious"! It is natural beauty? The power of nature? · · It is really cool that there are power to attract overwhelming though no human hands are added! I felt relieved.

By the way, although it is written in the explanation of the limestone cave, the inside of the cave is very cool, if it is a short sleeve it may be a bit chilly. (I was just fine as it is hot ...)

Because muddy water flows at the foot or walks on rebar such as wire mesh, heels and sandals are absolutely NG! It is really dangerous. There are also small stairs and climbing slopes, so please go with shoes that are easy to walk!

【Basic information】
Address: 300 Bungo Oono City Oita Prefecture Big Nagato Town Nakazu Tree 300
Phone number: 0974-26-2468
Business hours: 9 am - 5 pm (Extended business in summer)
Closed: Open all year round
Entrance fee: Adult / 1,200 yen University student / 1,000 yen Middle / high school student / 800 yen 4 years old to elementary school student / 600 yen
※ For groups (20 ~ 50 name), subtract 100 yen from the above price
home page:

Continue, speaking of travel " "!! I went to Beppu to have lunch ~ (* ^^ *)!

> Next Page: Beppu's "shine" and "girls uke" are monopolized. I will guarantee the taste. Introduction of Chest Kun Ranch!

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Kaji-chan Born and raised is a small country. A self-styled chubby girl who reached the greatest weight of life at 26 years old. After living 8 years in Fukuoka, I came back to Minamioguni Town. Of course you like high-calorie food and shochu. Everyday struggling day to day to be a specialist and idol in Minamioguni-machi · · ·

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Kaji-chan Born and raised is a small country. A self-styled chubby girl who reached the greatest weight of life at 26 years old. After living 8 years in Fukuoka, I came back to Minamioguni Town. Of course you like high-calorie food and shochu. Everyday struggling day to day to be a specialist and idol in Minamioguni-machi · · ·

  • 105
  • 38