【Maruakirari】 Guide from Tokyo to Minamioguni-cho. Is it cheap and fast? ! I will teach you simple and honest routes! (As of 2019 year 3 month)

Hello! I am also helping to sell at Minami Oguni-cho Comprehensive Products Center Kiyorakaasa.

In Kiyorakaasa, we sell not only Minamioguni-cho, but also many souvenirs of Kumamoto and Aso, as well as fresh produce direct delivery vegetables. It is also very welcome to have a rest break by yourself.
Please do not hesitate to call me if you see me!

This time I was surprised when I came to Minami-Okokuchi from Tokyo.
That is, I have more directions than I thoughtThat.

So not surprisingly known? ! I tried to summarize the access from Tokyo to Minamioguni-cho.
If you are going to plan your trip from now on, please take it as a reference!

■ Is Minami-Okokuchi Town far?

Minamiogunimachi is located in Aso, the northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, and there are many mountains in the surrounding area, full of nature.
My first image is so far from Tokyo ...

But actuallyLowest price X NUM X yen ~, only time X NUM XSo I can go to Minami-Okokuchi-cho. That's the image I can go from Tokyo to Minamioguni-cho while watching a movie and having a little tea. It is surprisingly close!

Then, immediately, departure progress!

■ First by plane!

Of all means of transportation from Tokyo to Minami-Okokuchi, the most recommended one is airplanes.
Faster than a high-speed bus! And the amount of money is also cheap. Cospa No. 1!

You can leave at Narita Airport or Haneda Airport. Please come from the airport near your home!

Even if you leave Fukuoka Airport or Aso Kumamoto Airport, you can go to Minamioguni-cho in almost the same time!

Therefore, you can choose your favorite airport on the way out and on the way back!

You may come after sightseeing in Fukuoka using Fukuoka Airport, or you may come after you stop at Kumamoto City at Aso Kumamoto Airport!
Customize your journey as you like!

It is recommended to use a bus or rental car when arriving at each airport. Do not forget to make a reservation anyway!

■ In the case of a bus

There are direct buses to Minami-Okuni-cho from both Fukuoka Airport and Aso Kumamoto Airport.
Let's go to Minami-Okokuchi with a leisurely bus!

It is better to use a round trip discount ticket for this bus!
○ Fukuoka Airport International Terminal-Kandachi Onsen about 1 hours 45 minutes / 4730 yen
○ Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Terminal ~ Kurokawa Onsen about 2 hours 15 minutes / 3090 yen

This bus is a one-way fare only.
○ Aso Kumamoto Airport-Kurokawa Onsen about 2 time / 2000 yen

There are various relaxing environments in the bus car!

Here is a bus with a footrest at the foot of the seat. I am not tired of long rides with this.
Please rest assured that the bathroom is properly equipped!

This is a bus with Wi-Fi and a portable outlet.
You should be able to watch movies and listen to music on your smartphone without worrying about the battery level.

■ For car rental

Renting a car will make traveling around the sights much easier!

This is Kana-chan, who handles the car navigation system while covering the car rental too big.
Car navigation is essential in the first sightseeing spot! Please plan well with the list of places you want to go ♪

○ Fukuoka Airport-Kurokawa Onsen about 2 hours
○ Aso Kumamoto Airport-Kurokawa Onsen about 1 time 15 minutes
* Please inquire at each car rental company for the charge

In Minamioguni-cho, there are many hot spring resorts such as Kurokawa Onsen, Manginji Onsen, Tanohara Onsen, Oda Onsen, Shirakawa Onsen, Ogi Onsen, etc.!
As it is only the hot spring which spring quality and atmosphere are different, it may be good to try hot water by car (* ^ ^ *)

■ Arrive at Minami-Okokuchi-cho!

Is cheers for good work! Welcome to Minamioguni Town!
Once you arrive, you just enjoy it!
Visit delicious shops, relax in the hot springs and enjoy Minami-Okokuchi-cho!

And since you came to Minami-Okokuchi, check out the souvenirs you can only buy here!