All you can do is skip drone at 5 place. If you enjoy pleasantly and with confidence in the aerial shoots, go to Minamikiko. The acceptance of "Minnano Small Drone Bill" started!

Hello. It is Molinaga of SMO south small country. In fact, I bought a drone about 1 years ago, and found places without people, and I enjoyed watching secretly by flying Koso Koso and drone. At first, it should be a good place to check it out, but it's kind of a bit weird. By the way, Minami-Okuni-cho, where I live, is not a densely populated area, nor is it a flightable area, not an airport area.

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I want to fly drone majestically and enjoy the aerial shoot, I want to practice more! So, consultation, finally completed here! It is a drone bill in Minami-Minoriko-machi!I want to practice, but I want to fly in a superb view in an environment close to the site! I want to heal the tired body after spending a drone in a hot spring! This bill that responded to the feeling of such a drone pilot, it can skip freely while coming back and forth between 1 place designated by 5 day (Observation deck, tourist facility ground, scavenge site, park, tourist spot: as of 2018 10 month) I can do it.

Stand-up notes that are rented out when you purchase bills. While flying, by standing next to the pilot, you are the one who is skipping the drone! It is supposed to be understood.

What kind of place can you shoot

5 place where you can shoot by buying drone bills! ① Water Park ② Hirano Tower Observatory ③ San Love Rest House Ground ④ Old Stars Elementary School Ground ⑤ It is the hill of Okito stone. What kind of landscape can be taken at this 5 place ... · · ·

① Water park
A scenery like a bird's eye view of the park like this

It is possible to shoot landscapes of the mountains from the high position. As it is a park, it is a nice place to check the aircraft and test flight at the covered resting place and have a toilet.

② Heiwadai Observatory
Hirano street observatory which is also called a lover 's hill. It is in a place climbed further up from the water park.

Characteristic of being able to take scenery of one side grassland! It is a place I'd like to go with in combination with a water park.

③ San-ai rest house ground
Here is the ground of San-ai rest house in Seto's high plateau. It is a convenient place because toilets and shops, vending machines and restaurants are also close. The rest house side has the scenery like this.

And when you turn around you will see the scenery of the meadow. You can see Aso Goryaku in the distance.

④ Former Seiwa Elementary School Ground
The ground of an elementary school that I canceled.

You can enjoy the scenery like this.

⑤ Okito stone hill
And the power spot Kudo stone hill in Minamioguni cho.

360 ° It is a feature that you can shoot the scenery of the panorama view.

| Drones bills overview |
Price: 3,000 yen / 9 hour to 17 time (only Okito stone hill is separately local 200 yen)
Corresponding location After accepting at Minami Ogikuni-cho Tourist Association, you can freely move back and forth between corresponding 5 locations
Available practice, equipment test, aerial shooting
Not available Please contact us for commercial use and charter.
【Example】 Event, lecture, demonstration experiment etc.
About inquiries:
| Flow of use |
1. Temporary reservation on the homepage, or on-site reservation directly on the desired date of use
(There are times when I will refuse when over capacity is over)
2. Procedures (fee payment, signature of contract etc.) at Minami Oguni Town Tourist Association (open 9 time ~ 17 hour time)
3. Receive a billboard (bill)
4. Post a billboard in the target area and fly freely!
Return billboards (bills) to Minamioguni-machi Tourist Association by the half of 5.17