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* Reopening business * [Minamioguni Camp] There is a hot spring!There is a pool!There is a fishing pond!Introducing Aso Fantasy Forest Camp Village, which can be enjoyed by children and adults all day long. (Updated May 2022)

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMOMO!

Minamioguni camp, the third bulletAso Fantasy Forest Camp Village(I.e.

There is a hot spring! There is pool! There is a fishing pond! A camping site where children and adults can't stop exciting!

Please read it 🙌✨ (It was temporarily closed from 2020, but reopened in May 2022)

■ Click here for reception

Click here for the entrance to the campsite!It is located along the old national highway 442.

The reception is next to the building with this sign in front of the campsite.

Before reception, a flashlight, in the mountains essential insect repellent spray,

I personally love my favorite Asahi beer,

Cup ramen that you'll want to eat if you are hungry in the middle of the night,

A collection of small items and food that would be nice to have, such as a cassette gas cylinder!

By the way, you can rent tents, blankets (the mountains are cold in the summer and the night is cold), BBQ sets and cooking utensils for rent.

Now, when you finish the reception, go to the camp site immediately!

■ Camp site

Surrounded by nature 360 ​​degrees, the shade of the trees was cool, and the air was very delicious.

and!All of these campsites allow cars to enter 🚗 It's easy to carry your luggage.

I took a picture with the camper who came on the interview day.

Even if you set up such a big tent, you still have plenty of room!

There is also a bungalow building in the fantasy forest!

There is also a window, so you can sleep comfortably while looking at the outside scenery 😊

■ Facility / Equipment

Speaking of fantasy forest!This big fishing pond is the point (scheduled to resume around June 2022)!There is a fishing rod rental, so please challenge with your family 🐟

The cooking building is also spacious!

There was also an outdoor road next to the cooking building!

The best thing about the fantasy forest is this open-air bath ♨️! !! !!There are two types, mixed bathing and women-only, and you can enter the hot springs surrounded by nature!

By the way, there was a washing machine that I had never seen in other campsites!If you can do the laundry, you will have less luggage for consecutive nights.

There is also a large restroom building.

There are two vending machines from different manufacturers under the reception building!

There is also a nice pool in the summer (scheduled to reopen around June 2022)! There is even a slide that raises 6% tension!Let's play to the fullest in the big pool from children to adults 🙌

A shower is also available!

The garbage station was opposite the reception building! Everybody was separated and thrown away, it was very beautiful!

■ Conclusion

How was Aso Fantasy Forest Camp Village 🏕? ??

Not only can you experience nature, but the facilities are also rich so you can have a variety of fun experiences!

and!What!Fortunately ...! !! !!You can also do day camps at this campsite, so you can play in nature without having to stay overnight!

For details, please contact the following.

Aso Fantasy Forest Camp Village
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso County Kumamoto Prefecture Minomitsuji 6259
Phone number: 080-6596-7000 (* Reservation number has been changed from before)