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[Kita Aso Area Campsite Guide] Complete with cottages and bungalows!Introducing Minamioguni Town "Mazeno Republic Kounose Camp Village" where you can enjoy nature at a large campsite!

hello. This is the SMOMO editorial department!

Introducing the campsite in the North Aso area ⛺!
This time, in Minamioguni Town"Mazeno Republic Kounose Camp Village"I will introduce you.

This campsite is located in the grasslands of Aso, and you can enjoy not only camping but also playing in the river.In addition to the large campsite, there are also bungalows and cottages, making it a recommended campground for families🙌✨

● Access to Mazeno Republic Kounose Camp Village

As of August XNUMX, in order to go from the center of Minamioguni to Kounose Camp Village, you have to detour toward Milk Road.

This is because the Mazeno Mystery Road is out of service due to the heavy rain in July 2.

There is a sign like this at the entrance of Mazeno Mystery Road, so check it out👀!

If you go on National Route 212 for a while, there is a three-way intersection just before going down to downtown Aso, so head towards Milk Road.Turn rightTo do.

There is a three-way intersection immediately after turning right, so againTurn rightTo do.From here we will continue on the milk road!

This sign is a landmark.

If you go straight for about XNUMX km while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Aso, you will see a sign that says "Nishiyuura Enchi Kitayama" and there is an observatory.

Once again at the intersection in front of the observatoryTurn rightTo do. (If you go straight ahead, you will head towards Kikuchi, and if you turn left, you will reach the intersection towards Kumamoto!)

Go straight (about XNUMX km) on the one-lane road.It will feel like you got lost in the grassland, but don't worry🤲!

Since it is closed from the entrance of the campsite, hereTurn leftplease.

By the way, there is a small sign on the corner!From here, you will slowly descend a one-lane slope.

After going down the slope, next is a hairpin curveleftWhat.Please note that it may be difficult to turn a large vehicle in one go.

Look for this signboard!If you continue along the road, you will see the administration building on your left 🚗!

● Administrative building

The wooden building is the administration building.Please complete the reception here.There was also a direct sales store for agricultural products🍅

There are no vending machines in the facility, but there were tea and alcohol sales!It's nice to be able to buy ice-cold drinks.

There is a flush toilet next to the administration building.

Here is a map of the entire campground.Auto sites and bungalows are arranged along the valley.Let's take a quick look⛺!

● Tent site

The tent site is located on the side of the administration building and up the slope.

It seems that there are 7 sections in the site like a terraced field.It looks like you can spend a relaxing time surrounded by trees🌳✨

● Auto site

There are two auto sites that allow cars to enter!First, Auto Sight A.

This is a 1-minute walk from the administration building! It is arranged in 3 sections.

There is a cooking building just a stone's throw away, and a tap and a stove are permanently installed.

(*Because it was right after the event at the time of shooting, there are facilities different from normal facilities)

And this is Auto Sight B. One step above A.This site is not divided and can be used extensively.

There is plenty of space for several cars to park, and children can run around to their heart's content.You can enjoy the free layout of the tent🏕️

There is also a cooking area here.

Even a toilet!I'm glad that the facilities are in place near each site 👏👏

●Bungalow site

There is a bungalow one step down from the administration building.

Currently, there are 3 buildings that can be accommodated, and the size is 6 tatami mats.There are no facilities such as toilets, so please use the toilets near the reception or the cooking building at Auto Site A.

●Playing in the river corner

There is a mountain stream as soon as you go down from the bungalow area.This is a healing space surrounded by trees.It's perfect for children playing in the river✊✨

● Cottage

There are three cottages near the entrance of the campsite.

Each one is placed with a good sense of distance, so you don't have to worry about the eyes next to you.

In the cottage, there is a living space where you can enjoy a meal slowly, such as a kitchen and a bath,

There is a spacious space in the back where you can spread out the futon and relax.

There is also a wooden deck in each cottage, so let's be healed while looking at the scenery 😌

●Precautions when using the campsite

There are no trash cans in the campsite.Please be sure to take your own trash home with you!

There are no power facilities in the campsite.It seems that you can use the extension cord you brought in and take power from the kitchen. (Please check with the administrator at reception)

●Nearby hot springs and shopping facilities

● Yumu Plaza
Business hours 16:00-20:00.It is about 10 minutes by car from the campsite.

●Onsenkan Kiyora
Business hours 13:00-20:00.It is about 20 minutes by car from the campsite.

● Supermarket “Frain Oguni”
Business hours 9:00-22:00.Located in the center of Oguni Town, about 30 minutes by car from the campsite.

● Supermarket “Marumiya Store Oguni”
Business hours 9:00-21:00.Located in the center of Oguni Town, about 30 minutes by car from the campsite.

● Minamioguni Town General Product Center Kiyora Casa
Business hours 9:00-18:00.Fresh vegetables from Minamioguni Town are available.It takes about 25 minutes by car from the campsite.

●JA Oguni-go Yokatoko Morning Bird Market
Business hours 8:30-17:00.It is located in the center of Oguni Town, about 25 minutes by car from the campsite.You can also get meat for BBQ here🍖

Agricultural products direct sales shop Yakumi Yasai no Sato Oguni
Business hours 9:00-17:00.Fresh vegetables from Oguni Town are available.It is about 30 minutes by car from the campsite.

There is one convenience store in Minamioguni-machi and two in Oguni-machi🏪 (All three convenience stores are FamilyMart!)

Mazeno Republic Kounose Camp Village
[Address] Kounose, Nakahara, Minamioguni-cho, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
[Telephone number] 0967-42-1448*Reservations are only accepted by phone
[Closed period] Winter (11 months from November 20th to March 3th)
*Closed when Mazeno Mystery Road is closed for the winter season

*The posted information is as of August 2022.Facilities and prices are subject to change.Please check with the facility for the latest information.