Soon the end of the year! If you want to save money while paying your hometown tax, go to Minamioguni-machi where you can find "meat, accommodation vouchers and special products"! (Recommendation of hometown tax payment)

Hello in hectic at the end of the year. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.
Enter New Year mode! I think that there are many people. Laddering, going on a trip ... It's a fun New Year's holiday!

But are you completing "Home Tax Payment"? What? By donating to the municipality, the amount donated will be refunded from the income tax of that year, and is deducted from the individual resident tax of the following fiscal year, special products such as rice and meat are prepared as gifts There are plenty of areas there!

What is Hometown Tax Payment?
By donating to local governments who want to support their home and citizen around the resident 's tax that individuals pay about 2 percent as a guideline, we can receive deduction of tax for the portion exceeding 2,000 yen of total donation amount of the year I will. When donating, "duty" of donation can be designated by the municipal government, and you can get attractive rewards of each region.
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I feel somewhat sorry as I feel like I am proud of you, but I will introduce the returned goods of my home town in the Minamioguni-machi where I live is very wonderful.

▼ Temporary tax payment page in Minamioguni-machi is here

What is Minamioguni-machi ...
A town of population 4200 people with agriculture, forestry and tourism as the main industry. As sightseeing spots, there are hot spring areas such as Kurokawa Onsen and the book highlands selected as 1 position of "Hundred Scenery of Green Kumamoto", and many tourists are visiting as "the most beautiful village in Japan".
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Staple of hometown tax payment, "meat" also abundant!

Speaking of Kumamoto, red cow. Of course, beef for steak, sukiyaki, yakiniku, hamburgers, etc., which will definitely make your dining table luxurious.
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Abundant Kumamoto specialty "horse sashimi"!
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Hot spring inn accommodation voucher!

Kurokawa Onsen who won an exceptional 2 star as a hot spring spot at Michelin's Green Guide Japan. This time, the accommodation tickets of all inns of Kurokawa Onsen will be accepted as gifts according to the donation amount. Traveling luxuriously next year, keeping income for the current year! Is it okay for such a thing to be forgiven? What? Although it thinks as an institution, it seems to be okay.

In fact, Minamioguni-cho has not only Kurokawa Onsen but also Oda Onsen and Tanohara Onsen. There are many hot spring areas such as Manganji Onsen, and their accommodation tickets are also registered as return items.
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Fashionable furniture, miscellaneous goods

Furnitures such as chairs and tables making use of the materials of Minami-Ogoguni-machi, interior goods, interior goods and aroma products handling a lot of wonderful products proposed by lifestyle brands! There is no doubt that products created based on the value of "Fulfilling life = full of life" will make your life more upright!
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Agricultural products and processed goods are also plentiful!

Because there are few large farmers in the mountainous area, small-scale Akigesiki is made at home.
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There are also breads made by well-established cafes.
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Karinto is also delicious.
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Jersey milk is also popular.
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In Minamioguni-machi, rice is really tasty, it is too tasty to hold an event called Fes rice which tastes rice from 4 years ago. Many foods, such as rice of such stickiness and pickles using organic pesticide vegetables, are prepared as return items.

It is not as bad as meat, but definitely deliver a delicious taste to your home!


in conclusion…

What did you think? What? In a rough way of speaking, you can get various luxurious gift items at the burden of 2,000 yen. Please try by all means during this fiscal year! ! !

For more information, see this article.

* Since the amount deducted is determined by income etc., please be sure to confirm the following.