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[Kita-Aso Area Campground Guide] Introducing Oguni Town "Kintamakan Campground" full of facilities for beginners and families!

Hello, this is the SMOMO editorial department!
The best outdoor season in the Aso region from summer to autumn!So, I will introduce the campsites in the Kita Aso area over several times!

This time, we have all the necessary facilities such as a washing place, power supply, and hot spring on the premises, making it a perfect place for beginners and families.Mokudamakan Campsite"is about.

●First, go to reception

"Kintamakan" is a multi-purpose facility located along National Route 387 in Kitasato, Oguni Town.
The building with a unique appearance made using local Oguni cedar is a landmark!It is a location where you can feel the great outdoors against the background of the majestic Mt. Waita, which is also known as Oguni Fuji🗻!

Let's go to the reception immediately.There is also a big information signboard, so I think you can find it right away!

The reception is on your right as soon as you enter the building.

In addition to renting camping equipment, firewood, tableware, ingredients, etc. are also sold here!

Dishwashing detergent, sponges, sweets and coffee unique to Oguni Township... Anyway, you can't help but want something 🌝!

In addition, Advance reservation requiredHowever, it is possible to order BBQ ingredients such as Akaushi beef!

●"Free site" where you can relax on the soft lawn

Finish the reception and let's camp ⛺!

This is the map of the Kikokan campsite.It's easy to understand because there are descriptions such as free sites, auto sites where cars can enter, and BBQ corners...!

It is in front of the building and is very largeThe grass ground is a "free site".

Really, anyway, it's wide...!And it's close to each parking lot, so it's easy to carry your luggage 😳

The ground is covered with fluffy grass, making it easy to hit the pegs, and it is a big attraction that there is little burden on the body even when sleeping 🌱✨

Next to the free site, there is a large and clean washing area with XNUMX sinks...

A power supply is provided (up to 1A per outlet)!You can also handle lighting and small cooking appliances 💡

These facilities, including the toilet, are all gathered in one place next to the free site, which is very convenient 👏!

Next to the ground, there is playground equipment made of Oguni cedar, which is great for families.

In order to protect the lawn, open flames are prohibited on the site.When handling fire, please borrow a fireproof board at the rest area near the reception.

After handling the fire, make sure the ash fire is extinguished before disposing of it in the ash dump near the washing area.

● "Autosite" where all the equipment is available within 30 seconds on foot

Next, it is possible to drive inAuto sight.

This was originally a tennis court, so you can't drive pegs into the ground🙅‍♀️

Therefore, please use the weights provided when setting up your tent or tarp.

All seven compartments are fully powered.This one is also up to 7A 💡

Direct fire is strictly prohibited at the auto site!Please use the fireproof board near the toilet.

There is a washroom and a toilet just a stone's throw from the auto site.Within 30 seconds on foot!

This washroom is fully equipped with a cooking table!We are responding to the voices of campers who wish they had all the equipment closer to their tents 😏✨

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