A long road to complete mastery of Kurokawa Onsen bath bills...? Vol.6_ Oyado Nonohana

Aiming to completely conquer Kurokawa Onsen bathing bills! "Oyado Nonohana"

2024🐲 First hot spring tour... Located in Okukurokawa, this place was introduced in the Minamioguni town tourism PR video last year. The colder the weather, the more warm water will soak into your body ♨️ When your body is warm, your heart will be warm too! This winter, let's warm your body and mind in Minamioguni Town ✨

This time we will also introduce a warm noodle lunch 🍜

About 10 minutes by car from the center of Kurokawa Onsen. Oyado Nonohana in Okukurokawa.
Ginnezu-no-Yu, a silvery, gray-colored hot spring, is a women's bath.
Spacious indoor bath. The smell of sulfur is amazing!
The open-air bath along the mountain stream is also spacious.
The temperature is also appropriate. A luxurious time where you can relax and feel the sound of the river.
It's nice to warm up and enjoy the view from the open-air bath. Feeling refreshed after taking a bath✨

Warm noodle lunch in the middle of winter🍜No.1

Sanmamen from the popular ramen shop “Fukuichi Ramen” in Minamioguni Town is recommended in winter! The owner is from Yokohama, so you can enjoy Sanmamen that originated in Yokohama in Kyushu! The refreshing and thick soup mixes well with the noodles and is the best💓By the way, the saury in Sanmamen is not a Japanese swordfish🐟. “Raw horse noodles🍜” = “Noodles with fresh and crunchy vegetables on top” That’s exactly it! It also includes squid and pork, so you can enjoy a variety of textures and warm your body.
Even more! Add mini fried rice! If you can eat it, be sure to check it out 👍 Spicy fried rice is loved by everyone!

[Fukuichi Ramen]

Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 1561-1

The first Kurokawa Onsen Tegata hot spring tour of 2024 was at ``Nonohana'', which is a little far from the hot spring town.

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