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A long road to complete mastery of Kurokawa Onsen bath bills...? Vol.5_ Ryokan Wakaba

Aiming to completely conquer Kurokawa Onsen bathing bills! "Ryokan Wakaba"

The wind is getting colder these days.Autumn is finally turning into winter. .Autumn for reading, autumn for sports... and above all, autumn for appetite 🤗 The Aso Gourmet Fair is currently being held ✨ I went on a trip to a restaurant in Minamiaso Village that I was interested in.delicious!fun!I would like to introduce you to Ryokan Wakaba, the XNUMXth hot spring bath that I went to at the end of the day!

Aso Gourmet Fair is currently being held 🍽
One of the stores participating in the Aso Gourmet Fair.Minamiaso village's very popular store "Ironakikaze" opened at 11am and customers started coming in one after another.
nice appetizers.Enjoy fresh vegetables with special sauce.
Eggplant potage.Smooth and delicious taste (^^)
Stewed red beef.soft!Red beef.Gooey with rich demi sauce.
Assorted desserts.Little by little cute sweets 💓 Orange cake and blueberry sauce are the best match 👍


Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamiaso Village Kawai 3716-1
Telephone number: 0967-67-3633

A walk after dinner.Cosmos were in full bloom at the roadside station Asobinosato Kugino 🌸 (2023/10/23)

Roadside Station Asobinosato Kugino

Address: 2801 Hisaishi, Minamiaso Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Telephone number: 0967-67-3010

After enjoying Minamiaso Village, we safely arrived at Minamioguni Town... At the end of a delicious and fun day, we warmed up at Wakaba Ryokan ♨️
Beautiful woman with moist skin after taking a bath! !To the makeup bath
circle!wide! 😆
There is an even more spacious open-air bath in the back.The hot water is just right! !Moist.You can sleep comfortably in the sleeping bath.Awesome💓

Ryokan Wakaba

Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso County Kumamoto Prefecture Minomitsuji 6431
Telephone number: 0967-44-0500

What did you think?It's been a while since I've posted a plan to enjoy Aso in autumn.We have also introduced the XNUMXth hot spring in the Kurokawa Onsen hot spring tour.It's going to be a harsh winter in Aso, but I'm going to make it through the winter with energy, fun, and excitement!Thank you for your continued support!

Below is the hot spring tour so far.