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Take a break while visiting the hot springs.Lots of delicious and cute!Introducing the popular sweets shop "Shirotamako" at Kurokawa Onsen

Hello everyone!I'm Inohara, the editorial department of SMOMO, who has a harsh heat.Specializing in white balls along Shimokawabata Street in Kurokawa Onsen […]

The popular sweets are finally in Minamioguni! ??What is the rumored "Japanese Maritozzo" at Kurokawa Onsen? Introducing "Dorayaki Specialty Store Dorayaki"!

Hello everyone!It's the season when iced coffee is delicious ☆ Recently, I'm Inohara, the editorial department of SMOMO, who is an ice cafe au lait with one hand. (Laughs) Well!This special feature is Dorayaki specialty store "Doradora" in Kurokawa Onsen!rice paddy […]

[Video introduction] Enjoy mysterious hot springs, exquisite gourmet food, SNS spots, and memorable souvenirs for "5,000 yen"!Thorough introduction of the charm of walking around Kurokawa Onsen!

Hello!I'm Kaji-chan, a chubby idol (self-proclaimed) from Minamioguni Town!Stay home New Year holidays!How did you all spend your time?I'm afraid I eat, eat, drink, sleep, and eat.A wonderful New Year's sleep!Weight scale?Such a thing […]

[Women's journey] Cute cafe, love fulfillment and photogenic! Introducing the Aspan / Minami-Oguni Teppan Women's Journey Course to send to all selfish girls who want to grant everything (1 night 2 days ver.)

Hello! I'm Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni.This time, we will introduce the women's travel plan for Aso and Minamioguni, which the editor-in-chief, Kaji Watakushi, really thought about.I want to eat delicious food, I want to see beautiful scenery, I want to feel nature with my skin, I want to take pictures that shine […]

[Preservation version] I want to enjoy it with a hot spring tour. A complete gourmet food guide for Aso and Kurokawa Onsen! (* Updated 2019 month in 12)

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni!Kurokawa Onsen won the first place in the ranking of "2019 best hot spring areas I want to visit again" in Jalan Kyushu 10.However!It's not just hot springs that are wonderful.Small hot spring […]

[Carefully selected] No loss! Seven Aso sweets recommended by the editor-in-chief who grew up in Aso!

Hello. This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni!Summer is over in no time, and autumn is coming, with a comfortable climate that is neither hot nor cold!Personally, this is my favorite season of the four seasons!And in September, there are two consecutive holidays […]

[Full guide] summer gourmet 2019 of Aso, south small country! We introduce from SNS shine gourmet to meat-related stamina, cool sweet of fashionable cafe at a time!

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni! In August, it's finally summer!It's summer coming every year, but it's especially hot this year! (I feel like saying it every year ...) In such a hot summer, you have to eat delicious food and overcome it. \ ([...]

[Summer Gourmet 5th edition] Sweet food lovers must see! We can get over hot summer, too! ? Aso ・ Special feature of "Shiny sweets" of south small country.

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni!The fifth summer gourmet is "sweets"! !!It's kind of tempting to eat in the summer, isn't it? Sweet! !! !! (I want to eat all seasons ←) I think Aso has an image of a summer resort, but […]

I often go to the hot water and walk around. We introduce exquisite sweets of Kurokawa Onsen! Recommended eating walk gourmet XNUM X selection

Hello!Heidi is riding on a giant swing!Kurokawa Onsen is a hot spring town that retains the old-fashioned cityscape.There are many things to see in this hot spring town where you can relax and enjoy your time.Not only hot springs, but also souvenir shops and meals […]

Winter gourmet complete guide of Aso / Minamikogoku! Cospa From the most powerful lunch to reward lunch, introduce local cuisine and sweets at once!

Hello!Kaji-chan is an occupational disease who always takes pictures of food even in private!Cold days continue every day, but even on holidays, I'm messing around with kotatsu ... What a holiday? !!Humans were to eat delicious food […]

【Winter Gourmet Fifth】 Warm pot and sweet sweets in winter. 4 shops where you can enjoy the small country smallly from the wells to the staple.

Hello!This is Aso Godake with Kaji-chan!The "winter gourmet" introduced in the series is also the last one! !!Introducing the classic cafes and sweets shops from the little-known (?!) Restaurants in Minamioguni that decorate the birds.Come on […]

| Event announcement | Cycling in autumn Aso. An event that you can enjoy spectacular scenery and exquisite sweets, open-air baths too! Notification of 10 Moon 14 day held.

Hello!Kaji-chan, who bought a mountain bike and found it fun to run fast and was in good shape, hit the telephone pole twice from his face and noticed that he had no driving sense! (I hit my face, but I hit my right thumb, lol) Such a self […]