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Power charge to survive the summer! There seems to be a benefit! 9 power spots to stop by if you come to Aso

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori. There are plenty of plans for the summer and it is getting worried whether summer can be survived. In such a case, I want to charge the power. We introduce the power spot of Aso which is perfect for such a person.

What is power spot?
"Power spot" which passed the boom any longer and became one of the genres indispensable for travel has been featured frequently in media and magazines. It seems that the fact that the number of people who are interested in the invisible world called power spot has increased from the material-centered era until then to the era of treating heart and spirit . A good spiritual power spot will give you the opportunity to rediscover yourself to the people you visit and the way that life goes in a good direction. ※ quoted from All about

After all it is here, Aso! Aso crater

Speaking of Aso, the crater of Mt. Aso! Entry restrictions continued for a long time due to the eruption and the earthquake, but the sightseeing tour has resumed from 2018 moon of 4 year. "Earth's heritage" certified as the UNESCO World Geopark, you will definitely get power!

The view of such feeling around the crater. I have not been to Mars, but it is a Martian-like landscape.

Mt. Aso volcano
Address: Kurosawa, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture 808-5
Opening hours: 9 hours to 17 hours
For inquiries: 0967-34-0411 (Aso mountain ropeway)
Small two wheel auto (200 yen)
Light motorcycle (200 yen)
Motor bicycle (200 yen)
Light car (excluding light motorcycle) (600 yen)
Small car (excluding small motorcycle) (800 yen)
Ordinary car (XNUMX yen)  

Panoramic view of 360 degrees! Okito stone hill

A group of megaliths in the vast grassland extending to 12 hectares in Minamioguni-cho. At the top there is a huge rock called Okudo stone.

This rock has a strange magnetism, and bringing the compass needle close to it, since it turns around, it has a magical power. It is said that.

Large panorama of Aso ~ 360 ° overlooking Oita side of the mountains, and and become the fresh green of the season and the overwhelming natural beauty immediately after the burning, you can feel the cold of the prairie.

For details of Okudo stone hill, click here.