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Village life. Folk nights experience with kind mothers!

Hello. It is Mikarin. This time, we will guide you about the night in Minami-Okokuchi.
I often listened to the word "domestic night stay" and came to feel a little familiar. But why don't you stay a bit scared? If only the key is passed and the host is not nearby, or if I open the room and go out with someone, what should I do? There are a lot of fears, but the homes we introduce are homes that are safe without such worries. Why don't you have a good time with the kind mothers of Minami-Okokuchi?






■ ■ ■

It is located in Minami-Okunimachi Akababa.
It is a private residence of XNUM X day X NUM X group limitation (to X NUM X name). The rooms where you can stay are connected to your host Ms. Miko's house. XNUM X yen / person for a room without a bed.



The room looks like this. It is very wide. Relax in the room of Tatami.



The entrance is a veranda where you can also have BBQ. You can borrow a set of tools! There are no meals, so bring in the ingredients and enjoy BBQ too!
There is a toilet but there is no bath. There are lots of different hot spring resorts in Ogunigo, so please ask for a recommended hot spring for Ms. Miko, and get in the hot spring!



Here you can experience making dumplings such as Sakurai and Yasa dumplings. Please ask at the time of booking!



Abyss flower
Aso County Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 1317-2
TEL: 0967-42-0914






■ Village of Kaguya princess ■

It is a private residence attached to Suma's child's house in Nakahara of the south small country.



People who have stayed so far have written many messages on the walls and ceilings. There were a lot of messages that it was very fun.



The room is a large room of tatami. It is 3,000 yen / person without meals. This is also 1 day 1 group limitation (up to 6 name). There is a refrigerator in the room. There is no bath, so please go to the hot springs of Okuni town. Please ask Suma-san for a recommended hot spring!
There is no rice, but you can order a boxed lunch. (Supper X NUM X, breakfast X NUM X) It is also fun to eat good Suma-san's rice!



Here you can experience the "Osana Owa Making Experience".



Village of Kaguya princess
Aso-gun Minamiogunimachi Nakahara XNUM X






■ Mole 庵 庵 ゆ ■

The natural residence of Moko is in the Shirakawa area. Here the temperature is lower because the elevation is slightly higher than the other areas. This also stay overnight XNUM X yen / person.



There is a wood stove in the room! There is no bath, so please ask the hot spring maniac Moeko for a recommended hot spring! There are no meals, so please bring it with you or eat at a nearby restaurant.



Shigeko is also familiar with wild grass, so he can also experience wild grass cooking, so he consults when making reservations. Please consult with us when booking.




も も ゆ
Aso-gun Minamiogunimachi Manganji XNUM-6055
TEL: 0967-44-1822






Compared to staying at a ryokan etc., there are no baths and no meals.
Why don't you try living in a home where you can feel like you came home.