Traveling trip! Power spot to drop by Kumamoto Prefecture · Aso 7 selection

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori. I like a horse-sting T shirt.
Well, it's almost the end of the year. I think that many people are busy and stressful everyday. It is the power spot of Aso that I recommend to such people! We will introduce recommended places that you can enjoy great views together.

360 degree Panoramic view scenery is also impressed! Okito stone hill (Minamioguni-machi)

Why is this stone on such a mountain? Although there is a doubt, there is a straight line connecting from Mt. Masaki Taisha of Fukuoka Prefecture to Watakamakidake of Oita prefecture from the altar stone in Okito stone hill, and is also located at a position which can be tied with Takachiho Shrine of Mt. Aso and Miyazaki prefecture by a straight line. And since there are Jinshan megalithite groups in sunlight and Gifu prefecture that intersect at right angles with those straight lines, because it is exactly overlapping with the direction of the sunrise of the summer solstice, it seems that it is the way of God made by the people of the Jomon period It seems to be said that.

It is truly divine when you say so, and it is no doubt that you can think of ancient times as to how to carry such a big stone here.

When paying 200 yen at reception, we will lend you a compass magnet, but it is said that you have a magical power as you go close to Kudokudo stone with that compass magnet.

On the top of the hill are large and small 300 stones. There is also a "pinch stone" that is pinched when you lie, so I think if you can see through the stone and honest people by all means.

Okito stone hill is famous not only as a power spot but also as a magnificent spot. Especially in fall, you can enjoy the scenery of Susuki spreading all over, it seems to lead to resetting not only power charge but also heart.

Okito stone hill
Address: Nakahara Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture

Benefits for lover looking! Kogi Mountain Inari Shrine (Minamioguni-machi)

In the vicinity of the summit of Mt. Ogagi, the altitude of about 840m is settled at the height of Kogi mountain inari shrine, the legend that you could find it immediately when you visit this shrine when you can not find a missing cow or horse There is left.

Rumored that it is beneficial for lover looking and love fulfillment, so that many young women and couples visit. Even in Inari shrine nationwide, it is only here that there is a benefit to looking for a lover.

Ogakiyama Inari shrine has a wonderful view, and you can see Aso Goryaka far away. From the left, the scenery connected with Netsuko, Takayama, Nakakutake, Ebutake, Kishima-dake is also called "Aso's Nirvana Statue" because it seems that Buddha is sleeping on its back. It is good prospects that old people think that it seems to have looked for cattle and horses from high places to visit here.

From the inside of the shrine's premises, Aso Goto will enter the torii.

Ogakiyama Inari shrine
Address: Manshin-ji Temple Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture

I won the lottery? Tour of three companies in Fukunami (Oguni Town)

In Oguni-machi, things such as zelkova water source, small country two shrines, tour of three companies in Fukumaga going around Kiraga Pond are carried out. I got a leaflet at Kodama sake shop, and by going around the spot of 3 places, I got a "bunko" on the way home and left home.

Miyahara shopping district spreads around Kodama sake shop, and you can travel around the power spot while walking lightly.

A small country shrine overwhelmed by a cedar tree stretching straight. It is a famous Shinto shrine who lives in Oguni Township and nobody knows it. The Takahashi Palace and the two festivals of the pyramid, enshrined in both shrines, from the story of the lottery in the Edo era are called "one thousand two million gods" and are one of the power spots of the lottery.

Zelkova water source which is one of the spot of three tours of Fukunaga three companies. There is a water source in Zelkova, conch and water are sprinkling. It is close to the river and it is a place that makes you feel very refreshing.

Kagakuike. Long time ago, a grandson of the Emperor Daigo's grandson Komatsu festival hoping for a reunion with a loved one and said to have thrown a mirror with 11 maidens, now a woman in love throws a coin and reunites with a loved one It is also known as a place to wish for.

Tour of three companies in Fukunami
Address: Miyahara 1685 Oguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture (Kodama liquor store)
Phone: 0967-46-2003

The shininess can not stop! Kamenami Kumanoja Shrine (Takamori Town)

Kamiomi Kumanoja Shrine in Takamori Town. Popular fire is on the stage of the popular manga work, and many people are visiting from all over the country seeking a scenery like a different world. I am climbing the stairs of the approach road surrounded by trees and stone lanterns, but as I walk a little from the road it is quiet at once whether the sound is absorbed in the forest.

The atmosphere enclosed by the stone lanterns and trees over the 100 group is sure to feel even those who do not feel the power spot at all.

When you climb up the stone stairway, the temple of simple appearance is in the precinct atmosphere. When you climb the road on the left side of the photo, you can go to "Hito Rock".

When going to Kamosami Kumanoja shrine, I would like you to go see it by all means Oiwa called "Horitate Iwa". It appears when you climb a steep slope from the approach road, but a big hole in the rock is empty, you can see the other side. It seems that my heart is washed just by hitting the wind blowing from the other side through the rock as the wind blows. There is a legend saying, "Kenbutsu Ryuu no karen ogre 8 killer kicked off" and there seems to be a benefit that "any difficulties can be broken" from that, and various "prayers of acceptance" and "various things like business prosperity" People who have difficulties will visit and they will touch the wind hole.

Kamonomi Kamonosato Shrine
Address: Kamamoto Prefecture Aso County Takamori Town Kamiami 2619

Yoshimi Shrine of Kusabe Yamami Shrine (Takamori Town), one of Japan's three largest palaces

Yoshimi Shrine Kusabe, a venerable Koshiba shrine dedicated to pioneering Aso that enshrines the 12th God such as Kenbutsu Ryuu (Takei Watts Nomikoto).

This shrine is said to be one of "Japan's Three Drop Shrines." By the way, the other two are unusual shrines where there is a main shrine at the top of the stairs, at "Uto Jingu Shrine (Miyazaki prefecture Nichinan City)", "Shosetsu Shrine (Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture)".

Since Japanese shrines have close connection with faith in the mountains, it is common that many of the shrines in the mountains climb mountains and become the precincts of the structure to rise. It is said that it is very unusual that the main hall is situated below while the era tends to be made even on plains and the like as the times go.

In one story, Kentaro Ryuuzu, the grandson of Emperor Jinmu, took charge of the mission of Kyushu Shogaku, landed in Miyazaki Prefecture's Hyuga prefecture. After enshrining the spirit of Emperor Jinmu, it is said that he went to Nojika Shrine from Nobeoka and relaxed the residents while worshiping Tenjin Temple and headed for grass.

Kusabe Yoshimi Shrine
Address: 2175 Kosabu Takamori-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone: 0967-64-0355

About 500 company in the whole country "Aso Shrine" total headquarters! Aso Shrine (Aso City)

There is also the influence of Kumamoto himself, Aso shrine which is undergoing recovery work right now. However, it is a place where many people visit and the thoughts of local people are also strong. That is why I would like to see the present figure and go to see again when the restoration work is over. The old power spot is damaged by the earthquake and by overcoming it, it should be a new power spot!

Aso Shrine
Address: 3083-1 Miyanomiya Town, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone: 0967-22-0064

I won the lottery! Babo Hakurei Shrine (Minamiaso Village)

In the spring of 2004, when the driver of the heavy machinery restructured dug out where we were doing the construction work of this land, we won the extent of not being troubled by life! As it was the opportunity for those who went to worship the rock to worship it, as a result of the high prize winning, the rocks came to be called "Komonoiwa", and people wishing to visit began to visit. Afterwards, due to the donation of the winners, the treasure hakozakura shrine built. There are also rumors that high prize winners of lottery are continuing from among worshipers, and it is a place where people gather from all over the country. It is bright red and flashy, but I think that it would be nice to try asking "6 billion yen per hour!"

Houbou Hakurei Shrine
Address: Kawamata Prefecture Aso County Minamiaso Village Kawai 2909-2
Phone: 0967-67-3361

in conclusion

Aso that the visit to the crater was resumed from the 2018 moon of 4 year. In the Aso area where coexistence with volcanoes has continued, there are forms of faith in various places and abundant power spots.

I pray that you will be healed by the nature of Aso and you can charge the power!