Recommended for this winter at Bear Power "Tomich no Megumi" being broadcasting at Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting (KAB)! A hot spring, sweets and gourmet in Minamioguni-machi was introduced!

Hello! It is Kajio who is still dancing in cameras after half a year since becoming a public relations officer.

Suddenly, Kumamoto prefecture people know Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting's evening information program "Bear Power"!

This time, broadcasting on Wednesday every week at such "Bear Power"! About 45 municipalities in Kumamoto prefecture, introduction of hot springs in each area, as well as gourmet information and recommended spots are also very popular corner to tell "Around the town"I took up Minami-sikoku town \ (^^) /

The reporter is active on TV and radio in Kumamoto! Overall is a landmark at the time of this corner! Mr. Kashiyama who also has a qualification for hot spring sommelier!

I am afraid that such super cute Mr. Kashiyama and I'm two of you, I am allowed to tell you the charm of Minami Kogun Town!

Oops! I missed seeing you! If you are here please have a look!
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This time we introduced in "Tomo no Meguro", hot springs I want everyone to enter this winter · Review the sweets and gourmet which I want to eat!

If you read this, there is no doubt that you can enjoy South Northern States in a day! ! Please read!

■ Kaji-chan's wisdom? ! Apple tree

The first eclipse came in the town of Minami Oguni, there is no one who does not know, the "tree of apples" in the center of the town!
There is a sister store in the new town in Kumamoto city, but this is the main store!

Spacious and fashionable store using Oguni cedar! First - and second - floor seats, and terrace seats too!

Here's what I introduced, the apple tree's signboard menu!

■ Aparu pie (¥ 400) ※ To make it HOT +50 yen
Handmade from fabric. For cooking of apples, you can enjoy the original taste of apple because it uses sweetness sugar because it uses three temperature sugar. Also, we do not use cinnamon which we are not good at, so it is very easy to eat!

Mr. Kashiyama is also quickly pakuri.

Whats on your face "Tasty - ー ー ー ー ー ー !!!" ___ ___ 0

There is no doubt that everyone will be happy face! !

At the end is stunning with the staff!

You can eat desserts at lunchtime with separate belly system, you can have a break at tea time and eat, especially if the girls' hearts dance a lot of apple tree!

▽ details of the store is here ▽