【Announcement】 "Kuroki Taxi" being broadcast every week at FM Kumamoto! 2 / 23 (Saturday) 18: 30 ~ Kaji chan will appear!

Hello! On the day of graduation ceremony of the university, it is Kajio who is wearing the first hakama of life and is tensioning up!

On the calendar "Happy spring" has arrived.
Plum blossoms begin to bloom with Tirahora even in Minamioguni-machi, and we feel the arrival of spring little by little.

And it will be somewhat cheerful when spring comes.
All season cheerful Kaji-chan went out to drink to the city after a long absence because friends of college age came to visit Kumamoto city.

In such a case, the taxi who got on the pub had happened to talk about the rumors in that streetKuroki taxi'
A cheerful driver who often speaks in the bulky Kumamoto dialect.

Rumor is ...! While thinking, I got it to the destination.

Other than those who live in Kumamoto please refer to the following!

What is Kuroki Taxi?
A small taxi company in Southern District of Kumamoto City where security, safety are selling
The streetcar runs, and a complex intricate road unique to the castle town
Experienced and geographically detailed The driver who loves talky conversations with passengers at the time
Have fun taking you to your destination. The driver's name is "Yoshihiro Kuroki"

Why were you in Fukuoka, did you come back to the South Korean country?

What kind of town is Minamikoguni?

What is SMO Minami Utsukuni? What are you doing there?

· · · And so, I got to have fun, I talked about various things \ (^^) /

Just to be sure, I will review it.

Saturday February 23 (Saturday) 6:30 pm ~ start broadcasting!
FM Kumamoto (77.4 MHz)! ! ! No doubt! ! !

Finally, one piece with the driver Mr. Kuroki! I am nervous and my face is puffy. Lol

As it is Saturday evening, it is before I go out to drink like me, while I go out to play and go home, I am still cooking, and I think that there are many, but ear Just give me a minute!

If you are not from Kumamoto Prefecture, you can also listen to radiko etc. Come on! ! !

Do not miss it \ (^ ^) / ♪

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