[Video introduction] Autumn of art!Go to "Kirie Gallery Uki" in Minamioguni Town, Aso.Introducing a masterpiece of works with a powerful mother!

Hello! It is a chubby idol (self-named) Kaji-chan in Minamioguni-machi!

I'm waiting for you to introduce today! !! ??

Kaji x Max's Nansan Goodbye!It's time \ (^^) / ♡

Suddenly, what do you think of when you think of "Autumn of XX"?

When I say, autumn of appetite ... autumn of beer ... autumn of shochu ... that's a little different ...?If you start to list it, there is no end to it. (Teru) The world is full of high calories.

Can I understand this time because I only think about alcohol and food? !! Introducing "Autumn of Art"!

■ Video introduction

In order to learn about "Autumn of Art", I visited the gallery of artists that Minamioguni Town is proud of!

Don't miss the powerful characters of the artist! !! !!

■ Uki Murohara, an artist from Minamioguni Town

The gallery is located in the center of Minamioguni Town.

【Basic information】
Store name: Kirie Gallery Uki
Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 1173

Once you step inside, various works are displayed in a narrow space!

These are ... allCutoutWhat is it!Everyone was impressed by the detailed and vivid paper-cutting that I couldn't think of as a paper-cutting (T_T)!

And this work was produced by Uki Murohara, a paper-cutting artist who is proud of Minamioguni Town.

It's been about 30 years since Uki started self-taught paper-cutting ... Now he's a very popular artist who holds solo exhibitions inside and outside the prefecture!

The characteristic of Uki-san's paper-cutting is that everything is drawn realistically.The bright colors are expressed on Japanese paper!

And this time special!I asked Uki-san to teach me how to make paper cutouts! (I don't usually have a paper-cutting experience)

To make a caricature of each other of Kaji Max!

The high quality of my caricature by Max!I'm cute with beer (self-proclaimed)

Copy the picture you drew on black drawing paper and cut it out with a cutter.This is a very persevering task. ..

It wasn't completed during the location, but ... We brought back each other's works and completed it here!

Thankfully, it will be exhibited in our paper-cutting Moki-san's gallery until the end of December \ (^^) /

Not to mention paper-cutting, Uki-san can get energized just by meeting him.Please come and see not only the works but also Uki-san!How about going to the gallery (* ^^ *)?

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