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SMOMO editorial department We will tell you various information centering on Aso and Minamioguni Town!

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Feel free to enjoy the hot spring feeling? ! Introduce five foot spots at Kurokawa Onsen at a glance!

Hello, Shino!A matchmaking spot in Minamioguni Town!This is the only one in Japan where two river waterfalls can be seen at the confluence.My smallness stands out more in the wilderness ... What surprised me when I came to Minamioguni-cho was, of course, the magnificence of nature […]

【Maruakirari】 Guide from Tokyo to Minamioguni-cho. Is it cheap and fast? ! I will teach you simple and honest routes! (As of 2019 year 3 month)

Hello!We also help with sales at the Minamioguni Town General Product Center Kiyora Casa.Kiyora Casa sells a lot of souvenirs from Kumamoto and Aso as well as Minamioguni Town, including fresh vegetables sent directly from the production area.Restroom break is standing up […]

I want to eat delicious things without concern for weight! Can you make such a wish? ! I went to a healthy restaurant 'Hanji Tang'.

Suddenly, I would like to say hello here!Nice to meet you! I have been an intern at SMO Minamioguni since February.Although it is a short period from now until the end of March, I am thinking of drawing out a lot of unknown charms of Minamioguni […]

2018 / 12 / 15 / 2019 / 1 / 12 held! Frigid foot pass at Tateiwa water source!

Hello, this is seen Karin.Minamioguni Town is getting colder and colder!It hasn't snowed yet, so I haven't changed to studless tires, but it's cold every day. ..Today, we would like to introduce the footpath event to be held at Tateiwasuigen!Tateiwasuigen Foot […]

11 / 23 (Fri, Labor Thanksgiving Day) ~ 11 / 24 (Sunday) decision to hold! "Thanksgiving Village Thanksgiving Day"

Hello, this is seen Karin.It's getting really cold.It is time to mow the grasslands of Aso.By the way, do you know "Kusamari"?“Kusamari” means camping near the grassland (Saisochi) during the mowing period […]

Village life. Folk nights experience with kind mothers!

Hello.This is Mikarin.This time, we would like to inform you about the private lodging in Minamioguni Town. I've come to hear the word "minpaku" a lot, and I've come to feel a little closer to it.But isn't it a little scary to stay at a private residence?Only the key was handed over to Hoss […]

"Please buy this absolutely!" Souvenir from Minami-kogun that is truly pleased to immigrate and only recommend 1 year!

Hello! My name is Mikarin, SMO Minamioguni.Choosing souvenirs is one of the pleasures of traveling, but there are many times when you don't know what to choose.In such a case, I will introduce the special products of Minamioguni that you can buy at Kiyora Casa, which you can definitely buy and return. […]

【Festival of the First Music Festival】 9 Moon 22 ~ 24 day held

Hello! This is Mikarin from SMO Minamioguni.Have you been to live shows recently? On September 9nd (Sat), 22rd (Sun) and 23th (Mon), the Konoze Music Festival Niji Festival will be held at the Kouse Campground in Minamioguni. 24nd (Sat […]

Huge trees in Minamikoguni! 3 selection!

Hello.This is Mikarin from Minamioguni SMO.I thought it was hot and hot every day, but it was cool at night.It's cool enough to spend without a fan, and I realize that Aso is cool.The other day, I visited a giant tree in Minamioguni […]

It is kind to the body! Blueberry picking experience at Aplugun and herb plantation

Hello. My name is Mikarin, SMO Minamioguni.It's hot every day.Minamioguni Town is a little cooler than Kumamoto City!Today, we would like to introduce "Blueberry Picking" which is recommended for summer holidays! At "Appurumin and Herb Farm", […]

Soft cream I want to eat in hot summer! Introducing shops where you can eat soft cream! * 8 / 21 update

Hello! My name is Mikarin, SMO Minamioguni.Minamioguni seems to be cool in summer, but it is still hot during the daytime on a sunny day.On hot days, you'll want to eat cold food.When you think of Aso, many people think of jersey milk soft serve ice cream. […]

Regional traditions Small festivals in South Africa

Hello! This is Mikarin from SMO Minamioguni.I moved to Minamioguni-cho and am surprised that there are many festivals!Speaking of festivals, there are many night shops, and it's a gorgeous thing like wearing a yukata, but I imagine the festival in Minamioguni […]

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