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Recommended for girls traveling! It is near from Kurokawa Onsen. An introduction to the fashionable cafe "cafe karin" in Aso, a small country that tickles the female mind.

Hello!Kaji-chan is about to get caught in a "sandwich stone" that a liar is caught in!It's about to come!The long-awaited spring! !! !! !! !!It's the season when warmth comes back from winter and new shoots sprout.Invited by such a cheerful spring climate, […]

【Maruakirari】 Guide from Tokyo to Minamioguni-cho. Is it cheap and fast? ! I will teach you simple and honest routes! (As of 2019 year 3 month)

Hello!We also help with sales at the Minamioguni Town General Product Center Kiyora Casa.Kiyora Casa sells a lot of souvenirs from Kumamoto and Aso as well as Minamioguni Town, including fresh vegetables sent directly from the production area.Restroom break is standing up […]

【Roadside】 Arrive at Fukuoka! 2 nights 3 days to enjoy the hot springs, gourmet and exquisite views of Kumamoto Aso. If you go here, there is no doubt! Introduction of no course course.

Hello!Autumn of appetite is coming!It's an all-season appetite season, but Kaji-chan loves autumn food and has a high level of tension.Finally September! !! It's a special month with three consecutive holidays twice. \ (^^) / I'm wondering where to go, something [...]

【2nd bullet】 Recommended realistic girls' trip. From Kumamoto to Oita · Beppu! Do not enter the hot springs? Cafe, superb view, experience! Introducing a recommended course of girls who are enjoying thoroughly.

Hello!Kaji-chan has basic food in her mouth when she is silent!I'm not good at staying still, so I basically go to various places on my days off!The other day, when a friend from Tokyo came, I enjoyed Minamioguni-Aso in half a day […]

Recommendation of a real girls trip. I'd like to enjoy the magnificent scenery, hot springs and meals all along! Introduction of enjoying course of Aso / Minamikogoku over half a day.

Hello!Kaji-chan always enjoys the place with all her might when traveling.A friend from Tokyo came to visit us the other day, so I want to convey the charm of Aso and Minamioguni ...!Although it was a limited time of half a day, I visited various places ♡ […]

【Access information】 Benefit for looking for lovers or fulfilling romance. Introduction of the way to the power spot "Kogi mountain inari shrine" popular among women

Hello!This is Kaji-chan, an Arasa Lonely Girl.I'm afraid that my friends will be worried and write their wishes for me on a strip of paper.Lol There is a place where I have a sense of mission that I have to go the most right now.It […]

Speaking of Aso and Big Bang & Power Spot here! It is 30 minutes by car from Kurokawa Onsen. Recommendation for Okudo stone hill.

Hello!Kaji-chan is always pursuing extraordinary things when traveling.What do you want to do when you go on a trip?Eat delicious food, soak in hot springs, enjoy activities, etc. […]

Road drive course connecting Yufuin and Aso Yamanami Highway. Introduce the charm of "Sani Love House", the largest drive in which all souvenirs, gourmet and healing are prepared!

Hello!My car is Kaji-chan, who is a little flashy.When I go somewhere, I love to make detours to roadside stations and service areas! !! !!Because these facilities include souvenir shops, bakeries, food courts, and more […]

[Access information] Go with public transportation! Access to Minamioguni-machi & summarized local taxi company (2018 year 7 month point)

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.I usually give directions at the Minamioguni Town Tourism Association.How can I get to Minamioguni Town by public transport? ??I often get the story, so I will summarize it briefly.Introducing timetables, etc. […]

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