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[Latest in 2023] I want to greedy for exquisite gourmet food, superb views, and healing!Introducing a spot where you can fully enjoy Minamioguni Town on a day trip during the driving season🚗💨

Hello. This is the SMOMO editorial department.Before we knew it, the cherry blossoms had fallen, and the mountains of Aso, which had been burned open, were turning green.I feel the sprouts!Feeling alive!Aso is the perfect season to go out!This time, I would like to introduce you to Minamioguni, where you can see the superb view, eat, and be healed […]

[2021 latest version] Autumn leaves season has arrived!Introducing the spectacular autumnal spots of Aso Oguni, such as the "Mazeno Valley" which is open for a limited time and the "Great Ginkgo of Shimojo" where you can enjoy the illumination!

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMOMO.The season is completely autumn.It's a little chilly in the morning and evening, but it's warm during the day and it's cheerful that you just want to go out.By the way, in Aso Oguni Township, the autumn leaves are in full bloom from late October to mid-November every year […]

I will be the King of Fortune!Good luck! !!Introducing "Fukuun Sansha Tour" in Oguni Township!

Wealth, fame, power Junji of the SMOMO editorial department who has left everything in the world somewhere!By the way, what are your dreams for the future?I am a millionaire. (Half a joke) Everyone has dreamed of such a dream once in their lives […]

[Women's journey] Cute cafe, love fulfillment and photogenic! Introducing the Aspan / Minami-Oguni Teppan Women's Journey Course to send to all selfish girls who want to grant everything (1 night 2 days ver.)

Hello! I'm Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni.This time, we will introduce the women's travel plan for Aso and Minamioguni, which the editor-in-chief, Kaji Watakushi, really thought about.I want to eat delicious food, I want to see beautiful scenery, I want to feel nature with my skin, I want to take pictures that shine […]

Broadcasting on Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting (KAB)! Power spot of Minamioguni-cho was introduced in Kuma Power J "Pin Town!"

Hello! This is Kaji-chan, the editor-in-chief of SMO Minamioguni!This look!And there is also Mr. Kashiyama ... That's right!At Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting Kuma Power J's one-corner "Machi no Pin! Point", which received a great deal of attention after the broadcast last year, now […]

Good luck trip here! XNUMX Power Spots to Stop By in Kumamoto / Aso

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.The photo has nothing to do with the text, but it is Australia.By the way, do you like power spots?I don't like or hate it, it feels very flat.But I traveled […]

See! listen! Touch it! I feel in the whole body! Introduce the restaurant and tourist spots. South Oguni Town crossing XNUM X DAY plan to enjoy using five senses!

Hello!Aso Godake with Shino!This is a must-see for those who want to fully enjoy Minamioguni because they have come all the way! !!This time, we will introduce a plan to cross Minamioguni Town, where you can fully use your five senses!First, this plan assumes that you will be traveling by car […]

Traveling trip! Power spot to drop by Kumamoto Prefecture · Aso 7 selection

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.I like horse sashimi T-shirts.Well, the end of the year is coming soon.I think that many people are busy and stressful every day.Aso's power spot is recommended for such people!Enjoy the spectacular scenery together […]

Please refrain from entering alone. A mysterious place that worshiped the Fudo. Introduction of Kurokawa Onsen Okunoin.

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.It's been 5 years since I lived in Minamioguni Town.I was wondering if there was anything I didn't know about, but when I went to the Oku-no-in Temple in Kurokawa Onsen, which I learned the other day, it was so wonderful that I wonder why I didn't go there until now.And regret […]

Power charge to survive the summer! There seems to be a benefit! 9 power spots to stop by if you come to Aso

Hello. This is Morinaga from SMO Minamioguni.I have too many plans for summer, and I'm worried if I can survive the summer.At times like this, you want to charge your power.We would like to introduce you to Aso's power spots that are perfect for such people.Power spot […]

【Access information】 Benefit for looking for lovers or fulfilling romance. Introduction of the way to the power spot "Kogi mountain inari shrine" popular among women

Hello!This is Kaji-chan, an Arasa Lonely Girl.I'm afraid that my friends will be worried and write their wishes for me on a strip of paper.Lol There is a place where I have a sense of mission that I have to go the most right now.It […]

Speaking of Aso and Big Bang & Power Spot here! It is 30 minutes by car from Kurokawa Onsen. Recommendation for Okudo stone hill.

Hello!Kaji-chan is always pursuing extraordinary things when traveling.What do you want to do when you go on a trip?Eat delicious food, soak in hot springs, enjoy activities, etc. […]